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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Classical Piano lessons 

  Introduction Program    

We help each child to discover and grow a life-long relationship with music

Our high quality weekly music classes for pre-schoolers and school beginners form a curriculum which progresses through to school age and beyond.

Learn through play and exploration, in this carefully structured course which teaches essential foundation skills for young musicians.

Whilst the children focus on learning through play and exploration, this course is carefully structured to teach essential foundation skills for young musicians, including:

  • Understanding the foundations of music notation

  • Developing skills in pulse, rhythm and pitch

  • Developing solo and group singing skills

  • First steps in musical composition 

  Yearly Program
Why Traite de Piano Music School?
  • Crafted individual curriculum for each student.

  • High-quality music lessons from expert tutors, who are at once professional musicians and dedicated teachers.

  • Tuition for all ages and all levels, from beginners to professional coaching.

  • Performance opportunities every term.

  • Additional support available, including aural and music theory skills support classes and accompanists for exams and performances.

  • Option to enter ABRSM, Trinity, Rock school exams, festivals and competitions.

  Custom Program
We are offer:


  • Music education programs for adults.

  • Music education programs for teachers, adults, students abroad. 

  • We help to improve your teachers qualifications and get international certificates. 

  • No age limits for candidates.

Suzuki Approach Lessons 

Every Child Can!  

The music world is open for all children from very early days and can be learnt in a very natural way!


Dr. Suzuki discovered this way which is named ‘mother tongue’: “He analysed and adapted these precepts of language development into a system of music education which was named the ‘mother tongue’ approach.”(BSI website -


The Suzuki approach is the musical love between student, parents and teacher. It is an  inspiring musical journey with difficult educational steps where children learn to play an instrument. 

    As Dr. Suzuki said: “Talent is no accident of birth” - it is long term journey of working together - children, parents and teacher - to achieve and develop fantastic pianistic skills.”(Shin’ichi Suzuki “Nurtured by Love”)

    The Suzuki approach is a musical journey which is contains many elements. It is not only learning how to play an instrument. It is much more! 

    This approach develops each child as an individual and opens up the best parts of them - human being personalities, patience, love and sensitivity. Dr. Suzuki believes: “A person with a fine and pure heart will find happiness”. (Shin’ichi Suzuki “Nurtured by Love”)

    With the Suzuki approach I have discovered and learned about the power of music. I would like to share all my Suzuki approach knowledge with all my students and parents. I believe that a musical education is very important for each child, parent, family and it makes them better people, preparing them for a  bright future.

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